Thursday, 7 January 2016

CAD Architects: Another Year...Another CAD Christmas Party!

2015 was yet again a successful year for us all here at CAD HQ and this year's Christmas party venue was local bar & restaurant 'The Rising Sun'.

After the fabulous meal it was time for the annual CAD 'Quote of the Year' award. This year it didn't go to the reigning champion, Steve Hooper, but to our Office Manager, Tanya Scorse, for this little gem “Sorry, John, Mark is literally tied up at the moment”.

This year it was such a tough decision for the panel that a runner up prize also had to be awarded to Jeremy Bradley for this inspirational statement “Well there’s more than one way to boil an egg as they say”.

Let's hope 2016 is another successful year for us and many memorable quotes echo around CAD HQ in line for next year's award.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients and associates a Happy New Year!

Here are a few photos from the evening...


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